Fortress Global Macro University Challenge

For the 2015-2016 academic year, ILC: F is participating in the Upgrade Capital trading competition. The team has competed in the challenge for the last 5 years. Featuring a collectively-managed portfolio, with allocations made based on analyst-driven stock pitches, in-depth sector analysis, and macroeconomic considerations. Through the competition, ILC: F serves primarily to educate members on investing and to provide a setting for members to apply their knowledge of markets. In the past, the team has held a top 5 ranking out of more than a thousand collegiate competitors.

F Modules

ILC: F's new member education program, centered around Fall and Winter Quarter for new analysts, is given in the form of F Modules. This formal education program instructs new members on the basic financial knowledge needed to analyze the markets. Given against a backdrop of rigorous and structured discussions led by senior members, F Modules provide new analysts the tools necessary to analyze, participate, and lead the financial market discussions that form the backbone of our general meetings. Previous F Module topics have included: basic asset classes, bond pricing, options, mergers & acquisitions, discounted cash flow (DCF) valuation, and presentation skills.

ILC: Finance Blog

Members of the ILC: F division operate a student-run blog covering current events, topics, and articles in business, entrepreneurship, economics, and finance. The blog posts are aimed at students, alumni and other interested readers. We hope you enjoy the posts and we appreciate your comments and feedback.

The link to our blog can be found here


ILC: Finance (ILC: F)

ILC: F consists of a group of students who seek to improve their engagement of the financial markets and current events through discourse and the sharing of financial knowledge.

General Meetings

During ILC: F General Meetings, we hold market updates along with F modules and analyst presentations. Our market updates feature movements in equities, fixed income, commodities and currencies, and lead to an interactive discussion among members that breaks down market drivers for such movements. Analyst presentations are opportunities for newer members to improve their presentation skills and gain knowledge about a topical area within the markets.

Case Competition

ILC: F hosts an annual case competition, first started in 2014. Teams of members from ILC: F and ILC: F have competed to valuate and determine strategies for real market scenarios, such as corporate IPOs and mergers & acquisition deals. Competition tasks ranged from creating a DCF to analyzing industries to understanding the macroeconomic environment.